Bear Creek Farms locally raised Angus beef is available at Bear Creek Country Stores.Looking for the freshest, juiciest, most delicious beef? Look no further than Bear Creek Farms Beef, now available at both Bear Creek Country Store locations in Leonard and Bells.

Bear Creek Farms is a family-run operation located right here in Texas, and they take their cattle raising seriously. They focus on Registered Angus cattle, all raised on their own farm using all-natural methods. Bear Creek Farms beef is from steers that have been bred for their superior genetics, including a standard for marbling and tenderness that you can taste in every bite.

You’ll find the following BCF cuts available at Bear Creek Country Store:

Ground Beef
New York Strip
Tenderloin Filet
Chuck Roast
Stew Meat
Hamburger Patty 2 pack
Hamburger Patty w/Cheese 2 pack
Beef Breakfast Sausage
Beef Bratwurst w/Jalapeno & Cheese
Beef Chorizo

So when you want the best beef around, come on down to one of our stores and check out our fully stocked freezers. You won’t be disappointed!