Get ready for summer with Haygrazer! We’ve got you covered with our high-quality Fastgrass seed, perfect for grazing during the hot months ahead. For just $36, we offer a 50lb. bag of Fastgrass Variety Seed, and all you need to plant is 75lb. per acre. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for a bountiful crop! Shop now and get your summer hay crop off to a strong start.

Haygrazers are described as crosses of forage types of sorghum, sorgo, and sudangrasses.  These fast-growing, high-yielding crops can be harvested multiple times for hay and provide an excellent summer grazing option. With its ability to tolerate heat and drought, Fastgrass is the perfect choice for any farmer looking to maximize the yield of their summer crop.

At Bear Creek Store, we provide everything you need to get your summer hay crop up and running this year! Visit our two store locations in Leonard and Bells, TX.