MoorMan’s ShowTec MoorBody

MoorMan's ShowTec MoorBodyShowTec MoorBody is a unique energy and fiber supplement for show swine in a dense, loose mix. It provides highly saturated fat to help develop a hard finish and enhance appearance of skin and hair coat. It also provides citrus and beet pulp to create gut fill, expanding rib capacity. MoorBody should be fed with 2-4 lb of a ShowTec Developer product.

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Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein, min14.0 %
  • Lysine, min0.9 %
  • Crude Fat, min19.5 %
  • Crude Fiber, max13.5 %
  • Calcium, min0.75 %
  • Calcium, max1.25 %
  • Phosphorus, min0.3 %
  • Salt, min0.05 %
  • Salt, max0.55 %
  • Zinc, min123 ppm
  • Selenium, min0.3 ppm


ShowTec MoorBody is not a complete feed. Feed 0.5 to 2 pounds of ShowTec MoorBody to developing show pigs when extra body fill or cover is desired. ShowTec MoorBody should be fed with 2 to 4 pounds of a ShowTec Developer feed. The amount of MoorBody used will depend on the level of fill or cover needed.

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