Purina Wind and Rain ProCycle Tub

Wind and Rain Storm Mineral TubPurina Wind and Rain ProCycle Tub is designed for high trace mineral bioavailability. This is an elite, cutting-edge mineral with proven consistent consumption is designed to get cows bred, keep them bred. As a result, Wind and Rain ProCycle Tub helps deliver to your bottom-line. This mineral offers ultimate trace mineral absorption. This is achieved through a cutting-edge combination of organic and inorganic sources. Ultimately, this is the ideal supplement to support elite reproductive expectations.

ProCycle includes everything you love about Purina Wind and Rain Mineral. For example, it offers proven consumption, plus next generation technology to deliver on the highest performance expectations. Additionally, this product is also available in a fly control formulation. You can choose either or tub form. As a result, you can decide which option isĀ  the most convenient form for your operation.

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