Purina Accuration Cattle Starter

Purina Accuration Cattle Starter 50-lb

Purina Accuration Cattle Starter sole ration is a complete, coarse-textured feed. It is designed with roughage for weaning calves. This starter feed utilizes the Intake Modifying Technology process. Additionally, it contains RX3 Immune Support Technology, which helps prepare calves’ natural defenses to optimize their response to stress and common calf health challenges. Start your calves on Purina Accuration Cattle Starter today. This is one of the easiest ways you can help your animals reach their full potential.

Over the years, Purina’s purpose has never changed. They have always been driven to unlock the greatest potential of every animal. That’s why Purina’s love of beautiful, healthy, productive animals drives everything they do. As a result, the proof of their success can be found in barns and pastures everywhere.

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Complete feed with roughage
Palatable feed that provides all nutrients required in rations for starting calves that supports optimal feed intake and gains and improves transition to growing and finishing rations. No added roughage required.
Intake Modifying Technology®
Formulated to regulate the number and size of meals consumed, which optimizes feed efficiency and aids in the reduction of digestive and metabolic challenges in starting cattle.
Availa® 4 Organic Trace Minerals
Rapidly restores trace mineral levels to jump-start the immune system of nutritionally challenged, stressed cattle.
RX3® Immune Support Technology
Specifically formulated to prime the immune system, to help support calves’ overall health, reduce costs and set calves up for a healthy future.
Additives available
Additive options available to provide additional benefits including weight gain and control of coccidiosis.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min)...14.00% THIS INCLUDES NOT MORE THAN 2.30% EQUIVALENT CRUDE PROTEIN FROM NON-PROTEIN NITROGEN Crude Fat (Min)...3.00% Crude Fiber (Max)...20.00% Calcium (Ca) (Min)...0.50% Calcium (Ca) (Max)...1.00% Phosphorus (P) (Min)...0.50% Salt (NaCl) (Min)...0.25% Salt (NaCl) (Max)...0.75% Potassium (K) (Min)...1.00% Vitamin A (Min)...1700 IU/LB


Fed as the sole ration, these coarse textured feeds include roughage and utilize Intake Modifying Technology® to help assure the targeted intake of 3% body weight. Initially, feed this product at a minimum of 1.5% of body weight and gradually increase the feed rate to 3% of body weight. For example, a 500-pound calf would initially receive a minimum of 7.5 pounds per head per day and gradually increase up to 15 pounds per head per day. Proper intake is essential to help minimize metabolic disorders and support rumen health.

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