Lindner Tune N Show Supplement

Lindner Tune N Show SupplementAchieve a trimmer and shapelier appearance with your growing and finishing show pigs when you add Lindner Tune N Show Supplement to your routine. Tune N will help you manage and burn excess fat, especially when used with Vitamin P.

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  • Use Tune N to optimize condition for target shows
  • Highly palatable
  • Get show ready in up to 10 days
  • High protein and high amino acid profile
  • Designed to enhance muscle definition while cleaning excess condition for a fresh look

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 65%

Fat 0.5%

Lysine 5.5%


Start by feeding 2 oz per feeding 6 to 10 days before your target show. Feed up to 4 oz per head per day (2 oz per feeding) for 6-10 days as needed prior to your target show. Included scoop is 2 oz full. Do not feed to cattle or other ruminants.

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