Purina Ampli-Calf Starter 20

Purina Ampli-Calf Starter 20 Feed Bag Purina Ampli-Calf Starter 20 delivers a 20 percent protein calf ration through a combination of proprietary ingredients. That’s why this is an ideal feed choice to support optimal calf growth. Additionally, it is designed to support intake, rumen development, and digestion. We recommend getting your animals on Purina Ampli-Calf Starter 20 today. It’s one of the easiest ways you can help your animals reach their full potential.

Purina has always been driven to unlock the greatest potential of every animal. Purina AMPLI-CALF Starter feed is a key component of the Purina AMPLI-CALF Program. This program is backed by 10 years of research.  As a result, it has been proven to support growth at every stage to develop calves into full-potential, productive cows. Additionally, with a complete line of calf milk replacer, starter and grower, is makes it one of the most trusted calf programs available. This just one example of  why Purina’s success can be found in barns and pastures everywhere.

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Please consult bag for complete feeding instructions. For superior results, begin feeding AMPLI-CALF 20 Starter feed at 3 days of age. Feed along with a performance level (22% protein) or greater calf milk replacer. Then, continue this diet through the first 8 weeks of life. Finally, after 12 weeks, transition the diet to AMPLI-CALF Grower feed through six months of age. Please consult bag for complete feeding instructions.

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