Purina High Octane Fly Control Supplement With ClariFly

Purina High Octane Fly Control Supplement With ClariFlyHigh Octane Fly Control Supplement With ClariFly is ideal for cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. This product works as a feed-through supplement, passing through the animal’s digestive system and into the manure. This is where flies lay their eggs. Ultimately, ClariFly prevents flies from developing in and emerging from the manure. This results in the interruption of the flies’ life cycle.

This Purina product has been proven to reduce fly irritation in animal housing areas. Furthermore, it comes at a lower cost than alternative fly control options. Purina’s High Octane Fly Control Supplement with ClariFly is designed to limit stress in animals, which can potentially affect growth and production.

At Purina their purpose has never changed over the years. They have always been driven to unlock the greatest potential of every animal. That’s why Purina’s love of beautiful, healthy, productive animals drives everything they do. As a result, the proof of their success can be found in barns and pastures everywhere.

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Multi-Species Supplement 
  • Effective fly control for cattle, sheep, goat, and pigs
Stop Flies Before They Start
  • Pass through feed technology stops flies before they get out of control
Low Feeding Rate 
  • Low daily feed rate needed to control your flies
  • Control your flies for less than alternative fly control options
Safely Control Flies
  • Safe ingredients; backed by proven technology to provide fly control year after year
Reduces Irritation
  • Develops a more comfortable environment for you and your animals to help them achieve greatness

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein MIN 16.00 %
Lysine MIN 0.70 %
Crude Fat MIN 3.00 %
Crude Fiber MAX 10.00 %
Calcium (Ca) MIN 1.00 %
Calcium (Ca) MAX 1.50 %
Phosphorus (P) MIN 0.70 %
Potassium MIN 0.75 %
Salt (NaCl) MIN 0.25 %
Salt (NaCl) MAX 0.75 %


Feed as part of a comprehensive fly control program. Best when initiated before the flies are active (i.e. consistent temperature above 60 degrees). Product may take up to 21 days. Follow additional instructions on bag.

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