Sunglo Full Body

Sunglo Full Body feed bagSunglo Full Body is a versatile complete feed for show calves from 300 to 700 pounds. This product helps to prepare animals for sale or can be used as a receiving ration. Because of Sunglo Full Body’s feeding flexibility, it can also be utilized as a top dress for Show cattle later in their career. Sunglo products are certainly a great start to a winning experience.

Sunglo Full Body is formulated to promote the following:

  • Support immune system response with included selenium and Vitamins A and E
  • Potassium inclusion helps keep cattle hydrated
  • Promotes a healthy rumen microbial population to support feed intake and digestion
  • Supports healthy hair coat and sheen due to active mineral and amino acid supplies

Sunglo Feeds is an innovator in the fast growing Show feed market. As a result, Sunglo is trusted for their industry leading technologies and real-world product successes. You can rely on Sunglo feeds and supplements for optimal results. Sunglo products are designed by top researchers and animal nutritionists. As a result, Sunglo feeds are specifically formulated for the health and well-being of your animals. Furthermore, the experts at Sunglo understand that winning at the highest level is important to you. That’s why they are here to help you reach your goals. Explore all of our Sunglo Show products today.

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Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 12.00%
Fat: 1.00%
Fiber: 26.00%
Form: Pellet


For sale cattle and after:
  • Feed Sunglo® Full Body™ as the sole ration 30 to 45 days before and 15 days after sale date.
  • After Sunglo® Full Body™, switch to Sunglo® Show Calf Grower or Developer and continue on one of those rations through the growing period. We recommend you then switch to Sunglo® Show Calf Finisher a minimum of 120 days before your final show date.

When receiving calves:
Introduce Sunglo® Full Body™ gradually over a three day period:

Day 1: Feed hay free choice with 5 lb. of Sunglo® Full Body™ per head, divided into two equal feedings.

Day 2: Feed hay free choice with 8 lb. of Sunglo® Full Body™ per head, divided into two equal feedings.

Day 3: Feed Sunglo® Full Body™ feed free choice with free-choice hay. Hay is optional after Day 5.


For everyday or show day fill: 
Feed 1–5 lbs. of Full Body™ mixed with complete feed to achieve your desired fuller look. Also be sure to check out 2 the Fullest with Cob & Full Tank as other options for show day fill.

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